Newspaper Article Practice – Origins of Valentine’s Day Template | DIGITAL & PRINT



2021 update now included!
Looking for a fun and creative way to help your students practice functional writing for the PATs (Provincial Achievement Test)?  In this bundle you get both the PRINTABLE & DIGITAL assignment, students will receive information in the exact same layout as a PAT Exam in a worksheet format or on Google Slides (which you will be able to easily upload to google classroom) so that they become familiar with the layout and are able to practice writing adhering to the standards of Alberta’s Provincial Achievement Tests.  Students will receive an information page about the article they are going to write, the assignment instructions, planning pages, newspaper writing checklist, and a variety of formative assessments. Teachers then are provided with two rubrics so they can assess the newspaper articles according to Alberta Education Standards (5-point scale) and/or assess them on a 4-point scale for report cards. This resource can be easily adapted for students of different ages and abilities and works well as introductory newspaper article writing or for practiced students capable of writing an article independently.  Suggested grades that this resource would benefit would be anywhere from grade 4 to grade 8. This assignment sheet is written identically to Alberta’s grade 6 PAT Functional Writing Exam and is a fun and productive way for students to practice their writing for these exams.  The suggested time limit is 40 minutes for students in grade 6 to complete a newspaper article if practicing for their PATs. Includes:
  • Information page
  • Assignment page
  • Planning pages
  • Student newspaper writing checklist
  • Modified Alberta Education PAT Grading Rubric (5-point scale)
  • 4-Point Scale Grading Rubric
  • Student self-assessment
  • Peer Assessment
  • Exit Tickets
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