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Who doesn’t love a good ol’ game of whodunit? Mysteries, pranks, and a jungle?
Wait?  There is a tribe of monsters in the jungle?  And someone is pulling pranks?  But who?
Each resource in this bundle has 10 Clues that need to be solved using various forms of Subtraction (some questions involve borrowing) to figure out which monster in the jungle pulled the prank!
The subtraction games included in this bundle are:
  • 1-Digit Subtraction
  • 2-Digit Subtraction
  • 3-Digit Subtraction
  • 4-Digit Subtraction
  • 5 & 6-Digit Subtraction
Based on the popular game and concept of whodunits, the Sunshine Sisters Creative Classroom has created a math game to liven things up and practice important math concepts/skills in a fun and exciting game where students work together to solve whodunit.
These whodunit games are an engaging way to get students out of their seats, move around the classroom, work independently or in small groups, develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and practice important math skills.
Students will work together or independently (based on your class dynamics and structure) to solve each whodunit clue and solve the monster mystery.  Groups of students will receive a monster jungle map, jungle monster characters, whodunit checklists, show your work pages, and 10 clues to solve to find out whodunit?
For each game:
You will receive two 25 page PDFs complete with everything you need to set up and facilitate this monster jungle whodunit.  As well as a 3-page Teacher Guide PDF for how to facilitate this game with grades 1-2 or beginning readers.
Teachers can either print all 10 clues for all small groups of students or print out one set of clues and put them in various locations all over the classroom for students to solve as they see fit.
For students in grades 1-2, I find that this math game would best be done as a whole class with the teacher projecting the clues up onto the smartboard. I find that the clues are semi-advanced for students to read independently in the early grades, but the math component is completely possible for the students. This game is completely possible to do as a whole class.
Simply show the students the clue & math question, have them complete it on their whiteboards, with counters, ten frames, or whatever other method you use, and then have the students decide as a class which clue is correct. The teacher can then mark off the character checklist at the front of the room (I blow mine up across 2 pages using Adobe Reader and laminate it so it’s ready each time we play a monster mystery game), and the class can move on to clue #2 together. There are many ways you can structure this for younger grades or beginning readers. This is just the way I like to do it.
All answer keys are provided.
  1. Resource Title Page
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Using This Resource
  4. Print & Lamination Guide
  5. Keyring Prep Guide 
  6. How To Use The Map
  7. Game Instructions
  8. Jungle Map
  9. Character Cards and Posters
  10. Mystery, Characters, Checklists & Show Your Work Pages
  11. Clues 1-10
  12. Teacher Answer Key
  13. Teacher Instructions for Grades 1-2 or Beginning Readers
  14. More Resources
  15. Credits & Thank You
Who can use this guide:
This resource can be easily adapted for students of different ages and abilities and works well as an activity for elementary students in grades 1-6. 
The suggested time limit is a minimum of 30 minutes depending on the age and independence of your students.
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Copyright information:
This product is not for commercial use, individual use only. If you plan to share this product with others, please purchase extra licenses at a discounted rate.
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