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2021 Update Included!
Looking for a fun and creative way to help your students DIGITALLY or in a PRINTABLE worksheet, learn how to write a newspaper article start to finish? This complete unit guide helps students learn all the steps of newspaper article writing and practice their functional writing thoroughly for the PATs (Provincial Achievement Test).  In this assignment, students will receive information in the exact same layout as a PAT Exam, through Google Slides, which is compatible with Google Classroom, so that they become familiar with the layout and are able to practice writing adhering to the standards of Alberta’s Provincial Achievement Tests. 
Students will move through the guide in a very natural way. First, learning what a newspaper article even is and why it is so important. Then students will learn and practice each step of writing a newspaper article, starting with the headline and finishing with the “for more information” summary paragraph. Students will also get to practice their newspaper vocabulary, practice a complete newspaper article start to finish using a checklist, and finishing with a self-assessment and peer assessment.
The PAT Prep How to Write a Newspaper Article – Complete Unit Guide includes these 56 pages:
Title Page
Thank You & Terms of Use
How To Use This Resource
Table of Contents
All About Newspaper Articles
Sample News Article Notes
Sample Article Outline Template
Sample Newspaper Article
What are Headlines?
Let’s Practice Headlines
What is an Introduction?
Let’s Practice Introductions
What is the “W” Paragraph (Lead)?
Let’s write a “W” (Lead) Paragraph
What is an Interesting Information Paragraph?
Let’s write an Interesting Information Paragraph Notes
Let’s write an Interesting Information Paragraph
What is the Quote Paragraph?
Let’s practice the Quote paragraph
What is the “For More Information” (Summary) Paragraph?
Let’s practice the “For More Information” (Summary) Paragraph?
Newspaper Vocabulary Practice
Practice Article Information
Blank Article Notes Template 
Blank Article Outline Template
Student Article Writing Checklist
Alberta Grade 6 PAT Functional Writing Rubric (5-point)
Alberta 4-point Functional Writing Rubric
Peer Evaluation Grading Rubric
Self Assessment Grading Rubric
A Variety of Exit Tickets – Formative Self Assessment
More Resources
Purchase Rights & Credits
Teachers will also be provided with summative assessment options including a (5-point) PAT Alberta Education Standards-aligned rubric and a 4-point grading rubric for report card use.
In this How to Write a Newspaper Article – Complete Unit teachers also have formative assessment exit tickets for after each lesson to use with their students. I love using these in my lessons for extra feedback to better cater to my student’s needs and make sure they know that their voice and opinions are being heard.
Who can use this guide:
This resource can be easily adapted for students of different ages and abilities and works well as an introductory newspaper article writing step-by-step guide or for practiced students capable of writing an article independently (to reinforce their skills). It might also be used as a 2-3 week-long newspaper review crash course before they write their ELA formative writing PAT.  Suggested grades that this resource would benefit would be anywhere from grade 4 to grade 8.
The newspaper articles provided are written identically to Alberta’s grade 6 PAT Functional Writing Exam format and is a fun and productive way for students to practice their writing for these exams.  When writing the article for assessment purposes, the suggested time limit is 40 minutes for students in grade 6 to complete a newspaper article.
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