5 Stations To Do Before Starting Your Novel Study (Templates) | DIGITAL & PRINT



Looking for a fun and creative way to help your students DIGITALLY or in a PRINTABLE version, explore a novel study before you begin to read it? In this lesson plan, you will have your students exploring ANY NOVEL STUDY in 5 different stations before they begin to read it. This can be done independently, in partners, or in groups! They will develop questioning and reasoning skills, build interest, excitement, and comprehension about the new text before they start reading it.
The 5 topics (stations/rotations) your students will be exploring are:
1. Preview the Book
2. Identity of the Book & Author
3. Predict What the Text Will Be About
4. Summarize What You Learned So Far
5. Connect to the Book on a Personal Level
This lesson can be delivered in many different ways depending on how you teach & your classroom functions, including moving around the classroom rotation style, in partners, or groups, each student filling in the worksheets independently, or one scribe in partners or groups. This lesson can also work great digitally separating into google meets or zoom breakout rooms.
Includes these 30 pages:
Title Page
Resource Information
Digital Links
Table of Contents
Information About Each Station
Preview the Book
Identity of the Book and Author
Predict What the Text Will Be About
Summarize What You Learned So Far
Connect to the Book on a Personal Level
More Resources By Ms. Kennedy
Credits & Thank You
Who can use this guide:
This resource can be easily adapted for students of different ages and abilities (it is differentiated in 3 versions) and works well as an introduction to any new class/student novel study. Suggested grades that this resource would benefit would be anywhere from grade 3 to grade 8.
The suggested time limit is 60 minutes for students.
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